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Pavones, Costa Rica Surf CampsUna Ola Surf Camps is now providing an amazing Costa Rica surf camp in Pavones, home of the longest wave in Costa Rica, and the perfect place to learn how to surf.  At Una Ola Surf Camp, we are focused on taking care of our surf camp guests, teaching you how to surf and helping you get the best waves in Costa Rica.

Now that we’ve found a suitable location for Una Ola Surf Camp, we will be operating our Costa Rica surf camps out of our new location in Pavones, Costa Rica, just down the road from a world-class left point break.  We will focus our efforts at Una Ola’s Costa Rica Surf Camps on providing you with expert hands-on surfing instruction, guided surf tours, as well as, our popular all-inclusive surf camps in Costa Rica. We will also be providing other vacation rental options besides our our new surf camp in Pavones, as well as, including our luxury ocean view condo in Tamarindo, Costa Rica if you are interested in staying up in the Guanacaste province.

Why did we create our surf camp in  Pavones, Costa Rica?  Because we want you to experience the natural beauty of Costa Rica’s best waves so you improve your surfing skills quickly.  That’s why we chose Pavones, as the new home for Una Ola’s Costa Rica Surf Camp.

In Costa Rica, there is no better place to surf than Pavones.  That’s why we made Pavones, Costa Rica the new home of Una Ola Surf Camp.

Accommodations - Una Ola Surf Camp Guided Surfing Tours Beginner Surf Camps
Accommodations Costa Rica Surf Tours Beginner Surf Camps

What do you want from your next vacation?  If its SURFING, we are here to help you!

What do you want to do?

Take A Surfing Lesson? –  Surf Perfect Waves? – See Amazing Wildlife? –  Stay In Comfortable Accommodations?

If you want to travel to Costa Rica and experience the “Pura Vida” surfing lifestyle, then you need to contact us at Una Ola surf camp in Costa Rica.

You’ll feel much more relaxed and energized after your Una Ola Costa Rica surfing vacation.

At Una Ola Surf Camp, we believe in making new friends, eating good food, surfing good waves and sharing memorable experiences.

We also believe in giving you the ultimate surf camp in Costa Rica!

* Beginner Surf CampsYou will learn proper surfing technique!

* Intermediate Surf CampsYou will improve your surfing and get more waves!

* Experienced Surf CampsYou will be surfing in the best waves in Costa Rica!

At Una Ola Surf Camp, in Pavones, Costa Rica, we specialize in all-inclusive surf camp packages. We provide clean comfortable boutique accommodations; hands-on surfing lessons taught by expert surfing instructors, as well as, locally guided surf tours for experienced surfers only at our Costa Rica surfing camp.

Our Costa Rica surf camps are the best! Come down to Una Ola and find out why.

If you are interested in taking a relaxing, fun-filled surfing vacation, then Una Ola is the place for you! The entire staff at Una Ola Surf Camp is here to provide you with the best possible Costa Rica surf camp experience.

Spend your next surfing vacation at Una Ola surf camp in Pavones, Costa Rica and go surfing with us!

Costa Rica surf camps, surfing lessons, and surf tours at Una Ola Surf Camp.

Join us on your next surfing vacation and choose one of our surf camps, surfing lessons or surfing tours packages.  If you need travel advice on where to stay and surf in Costa Rica, we are here to help!

For more information about booking an all-inclusive surf camp package with Una Ola Surf Camp email us at info@unaola.com or call today!  Our toll-free phone number is 1-888-958-7873.

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